Tailor-made solutions for subsea and offshore

A. Olufsen Ship & Offshore has since 1977 supplied specially adapted products and services to customers in the offshore and subsea market


Product development in steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Welding services, engine and pipe work. Mobilization and demobilization, ship repairs, as well as inspection and certification of lifting equipment.


We supply a range of products that can be tailored on-site to the needs of each individual ship. Our modern machinery and DNV-certified welders mean that we can deliver on any request.


Our modern facilities on Killingøy have 2,000 m² of workshop space, outdoor areas of well over 2,000 m² and several deep-water docks with a depth of 12 metres.


A. Olufsen Ship & Offshore is located on Killingøy in Haugesund. Haugesund is located between Stavanger and Bergen. With a short distance to the airport, we are strategically well placed.


We offer a number of different services related to the maritime and offshore sector. With a large and modern machine park, and highly qualified personnel, we can meet all our customers’ needs, and offer the quality required for modern offshore operations.


The company has developed several products and especially within offshore and maritime services. We have developed several cranes such as rescue cranes for maritime purposes, quay cranes, baskets and pad-eyes. We accept development assignments based on the customers’ needs.

Through our long time in the industry, we have built up the knowledge and skills you need to meet today’s demands for quality, environment and safety


Our oil and gas customers demand the highest standards in quality, HSE and documentation.

Quality management

The requirements in relation to ISO standards such as management’s responsibility, resource management, product realization, analysis and continuous improvement.


Which are relevant to the company’s operations.


Risk analyses, deviations, unwanted incidents, approved subcontractors, audits and necessary documentation in relation to relevant requirements.

We have a large and varied customer list, and have supplied products and services to several of the North Sea’s largest actors